One Off

Sometimes you need to clear out a lot of your unwanted clothing in one go.  Maybe you have bought new clothes, lost weight,  moved house or just want to have a good sort out….the list is endless. However you may have the sad task of disposing of items following the death of a loved one.

This ‘One-off’ service provides the perfect answer! All you have to do is get in touch with us and we will make a special one-off collection from your address.  All we ask is that you have a minimum of 5 bags ready for us to collect and we will make the arrangements.

A hassle-free and easy way of providing a helping hand!

You don’t have to waste time ferrying countless, heavy bags of clothing to the nearest charity shop or recycling centre. Nor have a pile of bags standing outside your property.

There are many benefits of using this service:

– it’s free;

– your unwanted items are given a second chance to be Reused

– by avoiding landfill you are helping the planet;

– Reduces your carbon footprint;

– peace of mind;

– raising essential funds for good causes.

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