About Unicare

We work tirelessly in order to spread the word that recycling is so vitally important.

In the longer term, we look towards a future when clothing recycling becomes the norm, creating a healthier and vastly improved planet for for the generation of tomorrow.

It is estimated that each year, over 80 billion items of clothing are purchased worldwide and are then thrown away in similarly large amounts, when it can still be Reused and Recycled.

By getting involved in the recycling process, we realised that we could dramatically Reduce the negative cycle and make an immense difference to our planet as well as using the money generated from collecting donated items, to support UK Charities.

By operating as a fully licensed textile collection company, we are able to bring about so many positive changes.

Our mission:

  • Protect the planet
  • Support UK charities
  • Get positively involved with emerging economies
  • Avoid landfill waste and pollution
  • Provide employment in the UK and overseas