In 2006 it was decided to get actively involved in recycling used clothing whilst aiding UK charities , that’s how Unicare was born. Our aim then and now was to do all we can to change how people think about buying and disposing of the clothing they no longer wear. With billions of items of textiles going into landfill each year, by collecting used clothing efficiently and in a variety of ways, Unicare’s vision is to help others and continuously evolve our business model for a sustainable future.

In 2010, Unicare created Ecokids. Their mission is to assist schools and youth groups with their fundraising efforts. It is also a platform to communicate with the young people of today, evoking an interest about recycling and saving the planet. Also generating awareness within the local communities encouraging many to show their support or become actively involved.

In 2012, Unicare created Cash-Bag. Offering an opportunity for people to NOT throw away their hardly used clothes into the bin, but to bring them along to a CashBag shop and get instant cash.

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