Can I help?

Can I help?

Can I help?

We all share the same amazing planet, and we all share the responsibility to look after it for future generations, environmentalism starts at home. Look at what you throw away and try thinking of your unwanted stuff not as 'rubbish' but as something that is potentially recyclable and reuseable. One person's junk can so often be another person's treasure.

That unflattering chunky-knit jumper Aunty Gladys made for you last Christmas? Those too-tight pastel pink summer shorts, scrunched up at the back of your drawer? That collection of amusing misshapen bobble hats, more knitted gifts from dear Aunty Gladys? Outgrown baby clothes, bedding, flowery shirts, neglected tracksuits, unworn pyjamas, baggy trousers, paired shoes, last season's party frocks, thermal vests, tablecloths, maternity smocks , football socks, that Westlife t-shirt...whatever you have that you no longer need, think of Unicare Ltd!

Pop the items in a bag and take it to your local textile bank, or arrange a convenient collection time with us. (Click on the link below to contact us with your enquiry.) Better still, team up with some friends and see if you can fill a few sacks with dozens and dozens of textile items and preloved/unloved clothing (clean and undamaged, please.) You get more wardrobe space and a few quid in your pocket, while we pass the textiles onto someone who will be able to make good use of them. Everyone's a winner!

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