The benefits

The benefits

Recycling waste textiles in the UK has a positive impact on the environment and helps deprived people in places such as Malawi, Afghanistan and Eastern Europe.
As well as providing comfortable shirts, trousers, shoes and more for poor families who can’t afford them, textile recycling also provides a means of employment in developing countries and also in the UK.
Second-hand clothing is sorted and graded into wearable and unwearable categories by workers in factories and then distributed to those in need; this ensures a working chain of employment and provides tens of thousands of people with a valuable source of income.
Unicare Ltd stands for constructive environmental and social action from textile recycling in the UK and around the world. Together, we can help sustain the environment for future generations and help underprivileged men, women and children around the world with warm, clean clothes and shoes.
“Recycling textiles is something that can benefit each and every one of us, both environmentally and socially. Unicare Ltd process large amounts of unwanted clothing each month which otherwise would have gone into landfill sites. At Unicare Ltd we are proud to have a positive attitude towards saving the environment and helping people in developing countries.” 
Unicare Ltd

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Recycle Now

Educate the future!

By educating children on the importance of recycling with textiles in particular in mind the concept of textile recycling will become part of everyday life for generations to come!

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